Minnesota Department of Corrections


Policy:                        203.011                                   Title: Case Management Process – Juveniles

Issue Date:                 10/20/15

Effective Date:          11/3/15


AUTHORITY:          Minn. Stat. §241.01


PURPOSE:    To provide case management services for juvenile offenders committed to the department.


APPLICABILITY:   Minnesota Correctional Facility - Red Wing (MCF-RW), hearings and release unit (HRU)


POLICY:       The department provides case management services to all juvenile offenders committed to the department and admitted to MCF-RW.  The offender's assigned caseworker is responsible for providing and/or coordinating case management activities.  Activities include case history reviews, need assessments, case management plans, program progress evaluations, transition/aftercare planning, and individual and group counseling.  A unit staffing team review occurs before the development of case management plans and quarterly progress reports.


MCF-RW may develop instructions and operational guidelines to implement this policy.



Case management plan - an individualized plan consisting of programming needs, program and aftercare goals, means of goal achievement, and goal outcome/progress reports.


Needs assessment - an assessment conducted prior to the development of the individual case management plan, containing psychological, educational, level of service, and special needs (sex offender, substance abuse, mental health) evaluations.


Program progress report - quarterly report of progress toward program goal accomplishment.


Staffing team - group of staff consisting of caseworkers, teachers, and correctional officers who have regular contact with offenders.  The staffing team reviews and approves program plans, goals, and progress.  The offender, his/her family, and his/her parole agent are participants in the staffing team process.


Transition/aftercare report - report specifying conditions relating to transition from the facility to the community.



A.        The caseworker supervisor assigns offenders to a caseworker and a living unit.


B.        The caseworker initiates and documents orientation and assessment activities for assigned offenders.


C.        The caseworker schedules an initial staffing team review within 30 days of an offender's arrival.


D.        The caseworker prepares a case management plan based on assessed needs and staffing team recommendations.


E.         The caseworker schedules quarterly progress reviews before the staffing team and prepares a report of the outcome.


F.         Upon case management plan completion and approval of the staffing team, the caseworker must prepare a final progress report and schedule a pre-parole review report for the officer of the HRU.


G.        All documentation must be filed in the resident’s case management file.  These files are kept in accordance with the Juvenile Case Management Retention Schedule (attached).  All supervisory reviews of the case management file must be noted in the file.



A.        All documentation, including such examples as the needs assessment, case management plan, progress report, and transition/aftercare report are filed and retained in the resident’s case management file.  These files are kept in accordance with the Juvenile Case Management Retention Schedule.


B.        All supervisory reviews of the case management file are noted in the file.


REVIEW:      Annually


REFERENCES:        Policy 106.110, "Juvenile Adjustment Reviews"

Policy 106.111, "Juvenile Facility Reviews"

Policy 106.112, "Release Reviews"


SUPERSESSION:     Policy 203.011, "Case Management Process - Juveniles," 3/18/14.

All facility policies, memos, or other communications whether verbal, written, or transmitted by electronic means regarding this topic.


ATTACHMENTS:    Juvenile Case Management Retention Schedule (203.011A)



Deputy Commissioner, Community Services


Deputy Commissioner, Facility Services




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