Minnesota Department of Corrections


Instruction:                 104.350SCL                            Title:   Surplus Property Control

Issue Date:                 2/28/06

Effective Date:           3/7/06


AUTHORITY:           Policy 104.350, "Personal Property Inventory Control."


PURPOSE:     To establish procedures for removal of surplus, obsolete, or unusable state property.


APPLICABILITY:     Minnesota Correctional Facility - St. Cloud (MCF-SCL)


INSTRUCTION:       Staff will follow the procedures established in this instruction for disposal of state property.



Surplus property - items in good usable condition which staff no longer use.


Obsolete property - items in usable condition which can no longer be used due to incompatibility with other items or are no longer necessary to one's duties.



A.        Requesting Disposition

1.         Contact the Surplus Property Coordinator at ext. 3086 to request a surplus property tag.  The requestor must identify the condition and location of the item.


2.         After receiving the surplus property tag, the requestor will have his/her supervisor initial and write the information in the areas provided, including the fixed asset number if applicable.


3.         The requestor will detach and send the original (white copy) of the tag to the Plant Operations Surplus Property Coordinator and attach the remainder of the tag to the item.


4.         The Surplus Property Coordinator will make arrangements for pickup of the item and return the white copy of the initialed and dated tag to the requesting staff to be retained as a record.


B.         Evaluation and Disposition of Items

1.         All items will be taken to the plant operations storage until their condition has been confirmed.  The yellow copy of the surplus tag is filed in the plant operations office.


2.         The Plant Operations Director will consult with the area supervisor, if necessary, to determine a decision to sell, throw away, or pass the item on for reuse.


3.         The Plant Operations Surplus Property Coordinator will follow all Department of Administration rules for disposal of surplus property.


4.         All items, regardless of disposal method, will be removed by designated plant operations staff through the Truck Gate.  All items must have a completed surplus property tag attached before passing through the Truck Gate.


5.         The Truck Gate officer will remove the tag from the item, initial in appropriate space, and send to plant operations where the yellow copy will be attached and filed.  A copy of any tags from fixed assets will be sent to the fixed asset coordinator to be properly recorded.


REVIEW:       Annually


REFERENCES:         Instruction 104.300SCL, "Purchasing."

Policy 104.300, "Purchasing."


SUPERSESSION:     All facility policies, memos, or other communications whether verbal, written, or transmitted by electronic means, regarding this topic.





Patt Adair, Warden