Minnesota CHOICE



The Minnesota Department of Corrections’ goal is to promote safety in the lives of victims and others who have been impacted by crime through effective, supportive and informative advocacy.   Minnesota CHOICE is the Minnesota Department of Corrections’ victim notification and information source. Currently, the self-registration component of Minnesota CHOICE is down for maintenance. 

This maintenance does not affect notifications that are generated by the system, only the self-registration component. At this time, all registrations must be submitted using a written or email request.  Please use this form to request notification of offender status.  The form can be mailed using the US Mail system, or the form can be uploaded and emailed to the Victim Assistance Program. 

By submitting a registration request, you can register for notification of custody status, release, transfer and other custody changes. 




Forms can be mailed to:

Minnesota Department of Corrections
Victim Assistance & Restorative Justice Program
1450 Energy Park Drive, Suite 200
St. Paul, MN 55108 


Forms can be emailed to:



Questions can be directed to the Victim Assistance staff at:
651.361.7250 or 800.657.3830 (toll free)