Victim Offender Dialogue

Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD) is a process in which the victim of a crime, or the surviving family members, and the offender who committed the offense meet face-to face in a safe and structured setting with trained facilitators present. There is extensive preparation for all parties involved before meeting face-to-face.

A victim may be interested in meeting with the person who harmed him or her.  Often, victims have questions only the offender can answer---questions such as “What actually happened?" “Why did you choose me?” “What were my loved one’s last words?” Victims may want to tell the offender how their lives have been affected by the offender’s criminal behavior and how they feel about the crime.

Offenders may want to apologize to the victims and express remorse for their actions. Answering questions is one way the offender can attempt to make amends to the victim.

Dialogues are considered only at the request of the victim. An offender cannot initiate or request a dialogue.

If you would like more information about the VOD process, please contact the Restorative Justice Coordinator, 651.361.7115 or send an email to